William Pfouts

Engineering Analysis, Fabrication, and Programming
Initial Design Finished Product

I was given this project through the University of Colorado Boulder Summer Intensive program. The project requirements were for a desktop plastic mold injector. The original requirements were for a much smaller device, but for very little extra cost a larger, more robust, and more versatile design was implimented. I completed this project from beginning to end by myself, the first time that I worked without a team.

No initial analysis was delivered to me along with the project, so I had to analyze the fluid flow of molten plastics - both ABS and PLA - and the pressures required with molds of various volumes. I was not given the opportunity to build this project - another first - and so I had to ensure that my documentation and drawings were of a quality where it may be built without direct input from me.

Skills that I had learned on this project was fluid flow mechanics outside of the classroom setting, a deeper knowlege of FEA and assemblies with SolidWorks, more effective client meetings, and more stringent documentation and drawing requirements. This was the first design that I felt was up to the level of professional deliverables.