William Pfouts

Engineering Analysis, Fabrication, and Programming

This project was much smaller than many of the others, through a course at University of Colorado Boulder.

This project involved assembling parts from a kit, and creating some smaller parts which required operating a mill, lathe, laser cutter, and 3d Printer, as well as assembly and testing.

Skills that I had to learn to complete this project were how to properly operate a mill and lathe, how to create laser cutter designs, and operate the laser cutter, how to assemble a kit with minimum instructions (using outside knowledge of components, especially rotor orientation), and how to troubleshoot and pilot the quadcopter effectively and efficiently.

Later, I was fortunate enough to become a TA for this class, first semester in the classroom teaching SolidWorks and then in the shop, teaching students how to fabricate plastic and aluminum pieces using primarily a mill and a lathe.