William Pfouts

Engineering Analysis, Fabrication, and Programming
Robotics Challenge Robot Robot Custom Wheel

This was the first large-scale project that I completed as an engineering student. Our goal was to create an autonomous robot that could navigate an outdoor obstacle course towards a beacon.

My part in the project involved coming up with the initial 6-wheel design, designing the wheels for maximum traction and minimum weight, selecting the long range and short range IR sensors to be used, calibrating and coding the long range sensors to give useful information, 3d printing the sensor cradle, creating the wiring harness for the robot, writing object avoidance software, troubleshooting and creating a testing schedule.

Skills that I had to learn to complete this project was FreeCAD parametric modeling, turning that model into a 3d part, more complex coding for Arduino, how to schedule time in a project, and how to present to clients.